Getting casino license in Malta

Malta is an independent republic and a member of the British Commonwealth. It has been a part of the European Union since 2004. The island state is among the most honoured and biggest licensing jurisdictions for online casino licences around the world. This authorisation body started issuing online casino licences way back in 2000.

Here are a few of the requirements you need to meet if you want a Malta online casino licence:

  • You will have to establish a legal entity in Malta with internet and phone lines registered in the address of the company.
  • You will need to provide corporate company documents that are all written in English.
  • You will have to provide documents for all of your employees including passport copies, curriculum vitae, non-conviction certificates, and recommendation letters.
  • You will need to make a business plan, marketing, and financial plan.
  • You will need to offer all of the technical documentation including stability records, software quality certificates, data storage programs, and antivirus programs.

The licences issued here are valid for a period of five years. Filing an application for a new licence costs €2,330. Then there will be an equipment audit which costs €1,770. Lastly, there’s an annual fee for the licences which is €8,500. There is a fixed rate of tax on profits too which is 35%.

This licence is popular and authoritative among all gambling operators. Entrepreneurs who started their businesses out of Malta find the conditions to be quite favourable since taxation is preferential and legislation is easy.

With one of these online casino licences, you will be able to open Merchant Accounts in Malta for all of your financial operations online. You also get the benefit of falling under the European jurisdiction in case there are any problems. You will also be eligible for a Maltese resident permit if you’re lucky.