Disadvantages of Getting an Online Gambling Licence From the Curacao Government

There are a lot of gambling operators who choose to get an online gambling licence in order to start offering casino games to players online. There are many different licencing authorities to get a licence from and the procedure isn’t too difficult to understand as long as you have everything in order. As long as you have a legitimate casino, you will get approved by these authorities. But be careful since losing a licence is easier than getting one.

That’s where we come to the Curacao government and their casino licences. The biggest disadvantage of these licences is that they don’t have any meaning. Just about anybody can get one as long as they have money.

Even players are aware of the licencing standards here and how they don’t mean much when compared to some other discerning jurisdictions. There are many instances of casinos licenced by the Curacao government which have stolen money, disappeared, or gone rogue. Curacao doesn’t even intervene in any disputes between operators and players. So, from the point of view of a player, these licences are meaningless.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all casinos licenced by the Curacao government are scams. There are some good websites which are licenced by them. But, are you willing to take the risk? If you see a casino that’s licenced by Curacao, there’s a huge possibility that they aren’t the best in the world. Even if they are good to you initially, they may screw you over later on. So why not just find a casino which isn’t licenced by the Curacao government? Always gamble at a reputable casino and if you ever have any trouble with a casino, at least you will have someone reliable to turn to. It is your hard earned money at stake after all.