Casino Laws When it Comes to Cruiseliners

If you’re thinking of going on an all-expense-paid cruise then there’s a chance that you’re looking forward to spending at least some of your time in the casino. But, why is it possible for cruise liners to allow players enjoy all sorts of casino games when most countries in the world have strict rules for this? There’s a simple reason for this. It’s because these ships are in international waters.

Gambling on these ships doesn’t fall under the same rules as everywhere else. Here’s a lowdown on some of the rules around gambling on a cruise ship starting with a basic rule. This rule states that is the boat is nothing more than an extension of the flag of the country under which it sails. The only time this changes is when they sail into the territory of another country.

As per Maritime Law, the laws governing gambling at sea are also based on the flag of the country the ship has been registered in. But, whenever a ship is docked or is within a certain amount of distance from land, it comes under the laws of the land it is closest to.

Again, under maritime law, international waters are territorial waters whenever a ship is within twelve miles of any coastline. On-board casinos will not be able to function whenever the cruise is within twelve miles of any country where gambling is not permitted.

With some exceptions, casinos will have to be closed whenever ships are docked. Again, this is because of local gambling restrictions. So, if you’re thinking of spending your time gambling on a cruise ship, make sure it is going to spend a lot of time out at the sea and very little time docked. Otherwise, the main purpose of your adventure will be defeated. Simple.